Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Snaps from Bokke's Party

So last night we had a marvelous time at Daniel and Christine's 18th party... as usual, I was impressed by the high quality dancing and throw-downing that goes on at these parties. Everyone was dressed wonderfully, best dressed goes to Conrad because he wore a tie and McGee and Benramen come in at a close second with their incredibly sexual scarves.
Conrad also won best dancer, because he actually dances. Most calories burned is Jordan Edwards, with his ever-persistent hardcore/crabcore/throwdown/slamdancing. Never fails to impress.
So thanks to the Wigston's for a great night out and general funsies when we'd otherwise be home being lonely and eating chocolate. Without further ado, here are my photos.

And I'm (not) proud to introduce the Pedo's Apprentice... his name is Joseph Fritzel-Blay.
... D:

Here is the master and the apprentice. Together, no creature goes unharmed. Lock up your daughters, sons, wives, husbands, cats, dogs, chickens and any others who are at risk, aka everything that ever existed, ever.

And now, the special sealed section, called 'Pictures of Tom'.

...Darcie wins.
Henceforth, holidays and study. Have fun with that.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


To the point at which I'm not even in this photo anymore, and I'm only in the context.

Thanks Wong.
Henceforth, no pictures with you again. Ever.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


So I went to my cousin's house for dinner tonight. Little five year old Christian, who is a little ray of sunshine, is growing up and talking a lot and he wears me out.

Our conversations go something like this.

Christian: Mr Boring Head.
Darcie: Who's he?
Christian: He's so boring, he just sleeps all the time. He's got a face and nose and ears and hair and feet and hands and legs and arms and eyes and a mouth.
Darcie: Has he got a tail?
Christian: Yes. And there's Mr Pencil Head.
Darcie: Pencil Head?
Christian: Yeah.
Darcie: What's he like?
Christian: He's like a dog but he's a pencil, he's a talking dog with a pencil head and a tail.
Darcie: You can't forget the tail.
Christian: And there's Mr Book Head.
Darcie: Does he have a tail?
Christian: No. Don't be silly. He's a Book Head.

But.... Mr Pencil has a tail.... why not Mr Book? ... I don't understand...

But I learned a lot of other important things tonight, like the only noise a kangaroo is allowed to make is 'Boing. Boing!! BOING!'
And the offspring of a Tigger and a Puppy is a Puppytigger. And when Christian is dressed in a pirate outfit, he's either Captain Jack Smarrow (yes, jack smarrow) or Coo Coo Cachoo Chicken Parrot Pirate Man.
And when you find old cassette tapes lying around the house, the best thing to do is pull out all the brown tape inside and make a huge mountain of 'seaweed'. Because cassette tapes are made of seaweed, don't ya know.

But then he got tired and wanted a cuddle. And I fell asleep. And then he woke me up by saying "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR DOLPHINFACE!"

I miss being five.
Henceforth, I really like my cousin. We found out tonight that Christian is gonna be a big brother soon and I'll have another little cousin to teach me all about the world, even though I thought it was the other way around.