Saturday, December 25, 2010

A modified Christmas celebration...

After going to church last night and discovering that it was indeed the most boring and repulsive thing I have done this year, I have taken it upon myself to rewrite a little bit of the traditional stuff and introduce you to my version of a modern and completely non offensive version of Church.

Please join me in the opening hymn.

In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. We'd like to remember our lord and savior Jesus Christ on this very special day, as it's his birthday. Nice one, Jesus. I reckon you're about what, 2040 years old now? Good work.

So in commemoration of the birthday of the seventh son of God (Aesus, Besus, Cesus, Desus, Eesus, Effsus and Jesus) we're going to be partying like there's no tomorrow, which there might not be because of either a) an apocalypse or b) a death star.

May the midichlorions be with you, before our existence comes to a catastrophic end (it'll look good on screen though).

We invite Brother Maynard for the first reading - Armourments 2:9-21

And now you can come and select your Jesus biscuits. We've got chicken, salt and vinegar, some sweet chilli if you prefer...

Here we have Eddie Izzard for the Homily.

And that's all for today. Henceforth, go in the peace of christ, or.... whatever.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Thanks, guys. No really, life is so brilliant. I couldn't afford to see you and then you say you're losing the Farro brothers. Thanks. I will never see the true Paramore every again.

Henceforth... Screw you. I demand a live concert with original Paramore. Right now.

Muse Concert 19/12/10

So I went to the Muse concert last night at Steel Blue Oval in Bassendean. It was Muse's last concert of their Australian 'Resistance' Tour, and their last show for 2010. I saw Muse earlier this year when they headlined for the Big Day Out 2010, and I was stoked when they decided to come back to Australia because watching Muse perform is one of the greatest things I have experienced in my life.

Muse were supported by Biffy Clyro, a Scottish alternative band. I was pretty impressed by these guys because it's difficult enough to be a supporting band for anybody, let alone Muse. They were wearing fluro pants and no shirts (cause apparently it's pretty hot in Australia) and they played really well. Might have to buy a CD or two.

Here are some of the photos and videos I got from the concert, my camera ran out of batteries about halfway through but I still managed to get some good ones :) It was such an amazing concert, their stage presence is so good and they have the best effects (lighting, displays, giant eyeball balloons, etc)

Without further ado, here are the souvenirs I have from my camera.

The Stage

Biffy Clyro

The Crowd

The lights turned on!!


And here is a very crappy sequence of videos from the concert. Enjoy :D

Henceforth, going to every Muse concert every time they're in the area. Would see them again and again and again...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well life has been so awesome.

What with you guys dropping off the face of the planet and being homosexual and growing beards while I sit at home for two weeks and cry as I eat Choc Wedges watching the Dog Whisperer on some underdeveloped Foxtel Channel, and the one day I do go outside I end up getting so sunburned I look like something out of James and the Giant Peach and I'll give you a hint, I do not look like James.

But I'm glad you're all back and hopefully you'll all be really nice to me when I see you cause I've missed you guys more than I'll actually admit to your faces.

Henceforth, if anything happens to any one of you, like if somebody accidentally falls on a knife, I'd really miss you. Quite a lot.

So, don't die or do any of that crazy shit kids do these days.