Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your friendly neighbourhood Geoff...

He is perfectly harmless most of the time...

but then... lose concentration for but a moment...

Good grief.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm gonna do a quick little blog about this website called SocialVibe, it's pretty popular and I think I'd like to merge our blogs with it somehow. I don't know if you guys haven't noticed, but on the bottom of the right hand panel of this page there's a little pink box and a number that tells me how much I've raised for Ovarian Cancer Research. By clicking the little box, answering a few questions and whatnot, you can raise money for certain charities. They use the money from advertisements and surveys to raise the money, and it's one of the most successful online charity networks.
I've managed to raise a mere 13 dollars with mine, and I know for a fact that I've raised that money by answering questions myself. So, I propose that we each go onto SocialVibe and get ourselves a badge and a charity to support and put it somewhere on the blog - then everybody can answer a few questions and we can collectively raise more money.
It's only a few minutes of your time and you get to give to charity without actually paying any money. For people like me with no money, it's a miracle.
Henceforth I hope you all join in and help out because it's a good thing to do, and I don't usually take people on moral guilt trips but as far as I know, we're all healthy and happy people and we've got a chance to help others who need it.

Where I have been

So I got told off for not blogging enough the other day, so here goes nothing.
Since I finished my exams, nothing much has happened. I've seen hardly anybody and I don't feel the need to get up early unless we go over our internet and I can only go online in offpeak time.
I've been working on getting a better winning average at Solitaire on my iPod, I'm currently sitting on a respectable 55%.
My aunty and uncle welcomed their second baby boy into the world, his name is Seth Joseph Boelen and I can't wait to meet him. He's not allowed visitors because he was eight weeks premature and has to stay in the hospital till February. Because my aunty was trekking back and forth from the hospital all the time, most of my spare time was taken up babysitting Seth's older brother.
After baby was born, it was Christmas, and I managed to spend all of my money at the Boxing Day sales. We had to buy a new sandwich toaster, after our old one blew up (and just because I was using it at the time doesn't mean I broke it - it actually spontaneously combusted on me and left a giant burn mark on the kitchen counter). And then we had to buy a new cake mixer because the old one broke (I didn't break that either, though somehow I managed to get the blame for that too). And then the oven broke and THAT WAS TOTALLY RIKKI'S FAULT.
After all the explosions and breaking appliances, I went for a drive with Mum up to Northampton (just north of Geraldton) to see my Nana, whom I love dearly. And you'll all be pleased to know that I have now finished my 25 hours, and can go for my P's very soon. Yay :D
But the very reason I have written this blog is to clear some things up.
1. When driving back from Northampton, there was a collision with a kangaroo somewhere between Jurien and Lancelin.
2. I still stand by what I said before - the kangaroo hit me. "Blog about when you hit the kangaroo" was completely off course, Wong, the kangaroo hit me.
3. I know it hit me because I'd stopped in time to not hit it when the kangaroo changed direction and ran into the car.
4. I very nearly shat bricks.
5. Mum's going to SGIO tomorrow for a damage assessment.
6. Lastly, as I have told my sister many times, 'How's skippy?' jokes stopped being funny a very, very long time ago.

So that's all that's happened, henceforth I'll try to blog about more stuffs that goes on in my life but I'm still at school and doing year twelve, so hopefully you guys will all be really supportive both morally and fiscally...
Lol, nevermind. That's a hopeless path to walk down.
Henceforth, I am going to be in year twelve. And I'll have my license which is more than most of you can say!