Leekspin !

IEVA'S POLKA or as we like to call it the LEEKSPIN SONG !!!
In many of it's fabulous forms.
This song is legendary, and it means a lot to me.
HAHAHAHA not really it's just supercute.

The first and foremost, leekspin original.

The Vocaloid version/s. Flick through related videos to listen to the various digital singers. :) this one is Hatsune Miku. (Btw, Vocaloid is a program made by Yamaha that can change the sound of the singer of the song. I think.)

The Super Smash Brothers Brawl version ^_^

The Farfetch'd version

and this strictly speaking isn't leekspin, but it's for Liss.
I give you the LOZ version of Caramelldansen.