Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Official Love Post

So I haven’t posted here in god knows how long, I’ve been super busy with school and stuff and nothing interesting happens in my life when you guys aren’t at school. (sad faces all round).

But this is quite significant and I figured it needed some clarification so here it is, you’ve been waiting for it and now it’s here, the commemorative, one-year post for myself and my darling Conor Richards.

Conor and Darcie

It was a delightful evening in the 22nd of May 2010, the angels and demons party was already in full swing by the time I got there. There were angels angeling, demons demoning, and general party times all around.

When I saw Conor at that party, I knew there was something different about him...

You know, apart from the fact he was dressed as a construction worker and not as an angel or a demon. BUT even though he was dressed differently, I began to see him in a different light. Not just because of the disco lights, either.

We were sitting on the esky, being groovy, talking and chatting. Annie came up to us and started to talk about me being a princess and Conor being a dirty worker and how it was a fairytale waiting to happen, and I'd run away with him and be in love forever.

Little did we know...

After that night there was much teasing from friends (what are friends for anyway) but we pulled through the teasing. Our first few weeks were shifty, both of us having just become free from previous relationships. I didn't realise that Conor hadn't been broken up for very long before I decided I wanted to be with him, but when I did find out, I realised I didn't actually care anyway.

I was annoying at first, not being sure whether I wanted to be in a full on relationship, whether we were going to be bandmates with benefits or boyfriend and girlfriend (plus Jordan's constant 'spank the monkey/walrus' references didn't exactly help. thanks Eddie) but after a few weeks it became clear to me that there was nobody else I wanted to be with.

Our relationship became more and more fantastic, we did everything together and spent so much time together and became closer than ever. We became kimono-partners and we began to realise how much we actually liked each other (and Ben really liked us too!)

Our garden of love was nourished by the band, who relentlessly teased and made fun of us but were secretly jealous of our inter-musical relationship. A drummer and a bassist, the ultimate love story.

One night Conor came over for dinner and movies, and as we were sitting on the couch watching Pride and Prejudice, I realised that I had found the perfect person. Somebody who would eat twisties with me whenever we liked, went to the zoo with me, took me shopping even though I'm annoying, put up with my stupid jokes and most of all, watch P&P with me!

But I chickened out and instead of saying it aloud I texted him after he had left, and I told him I loved him.


Without even knowing it, Conor was the one person in my life who made me feel totally happy whenever we were together, helped me smile when I felt down, was there for me when I was a wreck, stayed by my side even when I was moody. He's the one person I can trust with anything, rely on for anything, know what I need when I'm feeling down (lolly bananas) and love me when I need it most. I hope I can be half as amazing to him as he is to me. We all know he's a fantastic person and I'm unbelievably lucky to have him and I'm sorry to all those who had a crush on Conor when I stole him away (that is, Miguel, Eddy, Brandon, Ben, McGee, etc. mostly man-crushes.)

And now I'm in with the family! :D

Some pictures of the happy couple? Well sure...

And now, a year after the angel and construction worker had eloped, we are as happy as ever (more so, in fact) and we'd like to thank all of the third wheels who have been there with us through it all, and been happy for us and made fun of us and been generally fantastic.

The first official 3rd wheels
Always lingering, always awkward, always fantastic. Thanks guys :)

Secondly, WONG
The second official 3rd wheel
The source for helpful relationship information (though I'm still not sure why)

Thirdly, SAMMIE
The 3rd wheel who is our adopted Asian child
Need we say more?

And everybody else who has always been there for us and been with us from the start, been our friends and letting us be one of the annoying cutesy couples in the group.

And yet the question still remains... who was the founder of this love? Was it Jordan, whose peer pressure at the party was too much to take? Or was it Chris, who called Conor names? Or Brittany+Ashlyn, for having a party in the first place?

In any case, thankyou so much to everybody, and congratulations to us :D We are a little bit too impressed, very happy and in way too much love to be physically possible.

oh and also WE ARE SO CUTE and cuter than you :D

Henceforth, let's keep being in love.


  1. I Love You So Much...





    ...mmmmmmm. All thanks written in here are absolutely second(ed) by me. thanks Jordan and Britt a lot. jordan you bastard.

    But thankyou mostly to Darcie, for whom without the balls would not be writing this post. you have lovely balls D-Balls. :)

    Whats yours is mine and now i have Balls!!! :D

    Lovelovelove. <3

  2. ** correction.... ***

    "brittany and eddy are the cutest!"


  3. Geoff and I are interracial. None of you can compete with our cuteness. ;D

  4. I'm interracial with myself. I'm the cuteness on my own :D

  5. with your big eyes- hell yeah you are :D

  6. bahahahha like like like like like

  7. haha its tyler and mollie's one year as well =P

  8. *sighs, single life...wait a minute...Its friggin awesome...AWWWW YEAAAH