Thursday, February 24, 2011

So I haven't blogged in a long time,

Nor have I got a haircut or managed to do anything productive whatsoever.

So what's happened between now and then? Well I'm officially stalking a teacher, I've dropped chemistry for history and I am a gun at it, Mr Crooks gets far too excited in literature class and I had a maths test today. I also failed my HPT test for my P's yesterday, but I went back this morning and passed so I am now a P-Plater. Hey, isn't it funny that you're all older than me but I've still got my license? Oh, weird, I found that hilarious.

The glory of a drive thru... I can't find the words.


I started watching skins, and my life is very calm and sensible comparatively. I think I like it better that way.

I'm having abandonment issues from the band and my bass is crying itself to sleep at night.

I'm officially a netball umpire again, which is the most awesome job to have in year 12.

I had the ball, and unless you didn't see my photos from that then let me tell you, I looked effing hawt. Just sayin'.

That's pretty much it. Oh, and I got Romero House Captain. I have so much authority (not). All I do is get angry looks from people when I ask them to pick up their rubbish. I think they're mostly angry at the universe because they're not getting laid. Oh well.

In any case, life is sensible. Cept year 12 is stressing me out, apparently I clench my teeth according to the dentist and that's not good or something.

My cat keeps headbutting me.

I like cheese, especially on toast.

Henceforth, prepare for total domination or... something.

1 comment:

  1. Nice to here from ya Dballz :D

    - Haircuts arn't so great (well...mine).

    - Turns out driving isn't the worst thing in the worldever.

    - Skins is amazing.

    - I'm available for banding most of the time... but I don't that everyone's schedules align yet :S

    - Jobs are cool...youbitch.

    - You did look good at the ball...but not as good as me :D BAM! THREE QUARTER JACKET BETCHES!

    - Blahblahblahmorepoints...


    Wong (that guy who played the geetar sometimes).