Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have never posted about my fantastic cats. For those who have never met my cats, prepare for a little blog about said cats.
(By the way, I am aware that only insane people talk about their cats.)
(This isn't talking, this is blogging.)

Exhibit A: Ella.

This is Ella. She's almost nine and she is a Russian Blue who eats anything that offends her, except for screaming frogs. She's named after Ella Fitzgerald.
She is very social and will often headbutt things/people she likes, so I have forgiven Lachy for painting her when in fact she sort of painted herself.
She often assaults me (lovingly) in the morning to wake me up and give her a pat, and she knows how to climb ladders. She also stalks anything that moves.
Exhibit B: Ella stalking a duck.

Exhibit C: Chester

This is Chester. Chester is also a Russian Blue, but he is black. This is quite uncommon and so makes him unique. He was the runt of his litter and also a little bit strange - he's not quite as clever as Ella (who is deceptive and unusually smart) and he has a bit of trouble with his depth perception and coordination. He also doesn't know how to meow properly, and resorts to growling instead.
No joke. My cat growls.

Exhibit D: nomnomnom hose.

He also eats anything. Cat food mostly, but he also likes to eat cheese, pork, ham, gravy, biscuits, eggs, potato, chicken, baked beans, lolly bananas, chips (he's particular to BBQ flavour), chocolate, peas, corn and mops. (He likes to chew on the mop. I don't know why.)
Chester is only a few years old and Ella didn't like him much when he first arrived, but she's used to him now. She still beats him up. She sort of morphed into Schwarzenegger cat because he would want to play fight all the time so she had to bulk up.
They don't bite (much) and they are cute and fuzzy.
All those people who say they don't like cats haven't met mine.
Henceforth, loveth my cats!

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