Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Darcie

We have this cupboard under the telly-box, and it's full of photo albums. I have lived under the same roof as these albums my entire life and it's only once every now and then I can be bothered looking through them, because it's kind of an all-day activity. (Or all night, depending on when you start.)

But I figure most of my friends didn't know me before high school. They don't have any idea how cute Boelen babies are. I felt rather ashamed that I didn't have any pictures of me as a baby, because they were all on the old computer... so as I scan them in, I'll load them up.

For your own amusement, yours truly, new born and looking like a mutant. But Mum looks pretty so that's all that counts.

And now me looking slightly like a Pedward. Blue eyes were cool when I was a baby.

I am ever so slightly disturbed by that cute fat baby face looking ever so slightly malevolent... eep!

Henceforth, await more embarrassing baby images. I was a weird kid, so should be lol's all round.


  1. Awwwww!
    "We have this cupboard under the telly-box, and it's full of photo albums." haha I think we all have one of those

  2. Yay for photo's! The yes are wicked!!! intense. Im not saying your a scary pedo baby here...but your kind of a scary pedo baby.

    Lots of love,


  3. that meant to say "eyes" not "yes".

    And ive just seen a less pedo side to this picture. Its nice. Its friendly. It welcoming.

    ...yeap, your a well trained pedo baby.