Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good excuse for bloggage

Well since Mr. Wong decided to post something on his blog during school hours about important near future events I figure I'd just mention a few other important dates for later this year...

QUEEN'S DAY (aka Koninginnedag)
April 30th
This is like Australia Day, but for Dutch people. Celebrated in the Netherlands every year on this day (or on the 29th, if it's inconveniently on a Saturday...), the Dutch people parade around and wear lots of orange to show their pride in the nation and the royal family. I figure if Ireland is allowed to wear green all day for St. Patrick's day, I can wear orange for Queen's Day, as I am more Dutch than Irish...
Cause if you ain't Dutch, you ain't much...

September 19th
A pointless holiday, but oh so very fun and lively. Talk like a pirate all day and call your best friends scurvy bilge rats and generally drink lots of grog and shoot wenches and the like. Going to have a Pirates of the Carribean marathon. Shall be hunky dory. Arrrr.

Some other important dates to remember are:
- February 22 - Thinking Day (I missed it... I guess I just wasn't thinking.)
- May 25 - Towel Day :D
- August 13 - Lefthander's Day
- September 13 - International Chocolate Day ^_^
- October 1 - International Music Day !!
- October 29 - Internet Day
- November 21 - Television Day

And for the animal lovers out there...
- March 20 - World Frog Day (missed this one too.)
- April 25 - World Penguin Day
- May 23 - World Turtle Day
- July 16 - World Snake Day
- August 15 - World Lizard Day
- October 1 - International Racoon Appreciation Day
- October 4 - Animal Day (all animals?)

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